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Sometimes, when perhaps the indoor venue is busy, we offer a Walking Group for any ladies who have had, or do have, breast cancer. This is a great way of keeping the Pilates exercise group going strong and allows all the ladies to get some fresh air and try something different.

Conningbrook Lakes Country Park, Ashford, is a perfect location as there is plenty of free parking at Julie Rose Stadium, with paths wide enough to fit three abreast. Plenty of opportunity to chat on our way round.

Even if you’ve not been to the studio class before, it would still be wonderful to meet you at Conningbrook Lakes Country Park. The route is suitable for everyone – fast or slow – and all abilities and levels are catered for. Do remember this isn’t bootcamp! There is no set pattern and it’s up to everyone to set the pace to suit who’s there that day and just generally have a social occasion whilst also getting some gentle exercise. Keep those muscles moving and get some fresh air.

For this year (2017) we meet each Monday at 11am, for an hour starting the 7th of August in the Julie Rose Stadium car park. Please note, no walking on Bank Holiday Monday – August 28th and last walk date is, Monday September 21st.  We are back on mats for Pilates at the Kennington Boy Scout Hall on September 4th, 11am sharp!


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